the greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. (william james)




:: lemonade gimlets

:: jim croce pandora saturday nights

:: citrus and avocados on the table

:: a full fridge and the ability to buy food that is important to us

:: the promise of a walk tomorrow

:: snow-covered skylights


:: one month aw…

:: one month away from graduating. i think i need to be out of school at this point.

:: the miracle of modern medicine (cvs minute clinics).

:: a text message from my mom. i miss her.

:: drinking out of t’s mug when he’s away.

:: it’s summer. 


:: Looking forward to the day when I am no longer anxious and working at a job that I like (which is seeming more and more that I will not be using this very expensive degree).

:: My one and only is home.

:: Dinner out tonight, dinner with friends tomorrow.

:: Passing, albeit clumsily.

:: Daydreaming of summer hikes.

:: If Pennsylvania does one thing right, it’s Spring. Kind of show-offy, how green it is.


:: Realizing that some people’s attitudes are just not worth stressing over. Just have to nod and try to let it go. So hard. But worthwhile.

:: T’s headed to Alaska and is scheduled to land in an hour. I already miss him!

:: Sunshine after days of grey.

:: A new magazine to read, a cup of tea to drink, and a warm blanket.

:: My parents’ 31st wedding anniversary. Inspiring!

:: 2 years ago, I said the best kind of yes.


:: my grove of trees. I wish I could be there all the time, sitting between the two tallest maples

:: a long nap after a sleepless night

:: Sunday night Starbucks, vanilla rooibos with honey

:: standing up for myself, even if it doesn’t change the outcome

:: talking to my parents, picturing where they are, what they look like as they sit in the sun

:: the domino special, out on newsstands, hunting for a copy

:: the self-control (or fear, or common sense) to wait until the morning to send an email

:: the constant, soothing tick-tock of our grandfather clock

:: my presentation was helpful in a small way, which made me happy

:: getting on the train to return home with T. I always feel better leaving the city behind.

:: listening to the cars roar by at 2am and grateful to be inside, on the couch, under a handmade blanket

:: realizing our new house looks very similar to the house from Up (just saw it today. the beginning made me cry!)



photo from here.

:: a wonderful Tuesday with the best person I know, a walk through an old forest that has kept me going for days

:: Etta James on my pandora station

:: out early! Feels so good to have an extra hour to myself in the evening

:: starting a new morning routine, we’ll see how it goes!

:: setting up the spare room for a visitor

:: learning to be patient, with myself and others