by sixgoodthings


:: i know i’ve mentioned this before, but waking up an hour earlier to exercise in the morning changes my entire day for the better. i am really feeling the benefits of moving more. increased energy and a sense of peace.

:: after missing my train twice in the past two days (very unusual), everything turned out fine.

:: my husband left me a note before leaving, along with a bottle of wine. i stuck the note to the fridge, right next to our wedding invitation.  i love having a magnetic fridge. i’m sure the stainless and wooden-face ones are great, but i love displaying photos, our map magnets, train schedules, etc. it’s very comforting.

:: i really enjoy fridays and learning about people who i probably never would have met otherwise. we had a little party today with hot dogs and cookies, and it was a lot of fun.

:: i stared reading a magazine on the couch and fell asleep under my fleece blanket for an hour. and i don’t feel guilty about it. not one bit.

:: making this slow roasted turkish lamb stew with green beans. except i made it with beef, added some crushed tomatoes, an extra onion, and a little cinnamon. it smells sweet, spicy, garlicky, and perfect for a late night dinner.


hope you have a great weekend.