by sixgoodthings

:: a walk in the woods is a good way to clear your mind and calm your nerves.

:: the weather this weekend–85 degrees? crazy, but i enjoy it…it’ll be cold for awhile yet.

:: went to elevation burger for a quick dinner on saturday night.  i like their sustainable philosophy. about once a year i get a craving for burgers and this hit the spot.

:: made chicken soup tonight, since i’ve seen it all over the place lately. followed a stonewall kitchen recipe, mostly. with thin egg noodles.

:: also made my first loaf of the very famous no-knead bread. i know, it’s been out there for about five years! i like the crunchy crust and the beautifully browned top. i added some sesame seeds. very good with butter and honey. i am still partial to my whole wheat king arthur loaves, though.

:: my brother is coming to visit next weekend. i am excited to see him!