by sixgoodthings

:: my neck feels considerably better today. as in, i can turn my head to the side!

:: wawa coffee with a shot of hot chocolate from that machine. artificial, i know. slightly gritty texture. yet it lures me back, week after week. hmm.

:: hanging out with my friday friends on a wednesday. confused me a bit, but it was a lot of fun, as usual. i won a (clean) coffee mug from a 2007 event. yesss.

:: it is raining really hard, and i can hear the wind rattling my old windows. love it.

:: cleaned the apartment really well, and celebrated with two cookies from my not-so-secret stash of cookie dough in the freezer.

:: tim returns tomorrow. i have missed him…i see the young guys with wedding rings on the train and it makes me miss my husband, so much.