by sixgoodthings

:: finished the study guide for my midterm tomorrow. i’m very happy that it is done.

:: r & m visited, we met her mom and sister, and then we all went for dinner.

:: cookies from levain’s…too good to be true.

:: two assignments ready to be handed in (and not hanging over my head)

:: a beautiful quotation from this article on fall cooking, written by dana velden: “i’m old-fashioned in that i’ve come to value the things in my life that have an enduring, time-invested quality to them, like the well-worn wooden spoon that belonged to my mother or the soft wrinkled linen of an old tea towel. i’ve got nothing against bright, sparkly newness but in the end i treasure most the worn smooth surfaces of things that have been around a while: an old dutch ovens glazed with the patina of countless stews, a sweater with an unravelled hem, a favorite mug with a little chip in the rim that feels pleasingly rough on my lip.”

:: the trees have really started to turn. i love the brilliant orange leaves best of all.