the greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. (william james)


:: a man offered his seat on the train, which was appreciated by a weary grad student on her way to a 10-hour clinical

:: I was able to eat lunch in a deserted lunchroom

:: a skinny mocha counteracted by whipped cream

:: constant reminders of how blessed I am, in countless ways

:: day off tomorrow, time with my TJ



back. the past few months have been very difficult and the next few are setting up to be equally challenging. fortunately I have my wonderful husband and so much to be grateful for, it’s important to keep this in perspective.


:: my iPhone has owned up a whole new world of photos and ideas

:: rainy, windy Sundays without much to do

:: impromptu mid-afternoon pizza

:: an upcoming nap

:: moving, soon

:: dinner parties with friends

:: our little party was fun. lots of cookies, some games, music.

:: enough time to study. at this point, i know what i know.

:: working on preparing my lab final…nervous and hopeful.

:: candles, lots of them, warming up our cold nights.

:: a two day week, heading home on tuesday.

:: the excitement of giving “the perfect gift” to him and them.

:: listening to the aimee mann christmas station on pandora (diana krall’s “count your blessings instead of sheep” is the best, especially when you’ve just received a painful credit card statement!).

:: the commonwealth of massachusetts officially recognizes my new last name.

:: my standardized patient experience today (actors from the community come to school and act out particular diagnoses. they are very convincing). in this case, my patient had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. we sang christmas carols as distraction techniques. best sp experience ever. and a very good feedback session.

:: i love candles. i can’t help it. the above bone china candle hurricanes are from crate and barrel, and they are on sale. i love the flickering snowflakes on the wall.

:: really enjoying this blog. beautiful photos and playlists.


have a happy weekend.

been kind of a rough month. lots and lots of work, a couple of birthdays, a holiday, more work, more holidays.


also, it’s tough to write this when it’s just for me.



:: sometimes a rainy day makes you slow down a little.

:: fig newtons at the center. not quite a cookie, just enough sweetness.

:: a book club in the works. we’ll see.

:: free lunch–floppy pizza and iceberg salad. and somehow, it was just right.

:: curling up under a scrabble blanket with a cup of coffee.

:: a day off, sleeping in, preparing for friday.


:: lots of dirty dishes piled up by the sink suggest a good party. and it was.

:: a walk around beautiful swarthmore college this weekend. so much open space, just what I needed.

:: papers punched and filed away, assignments typed and printed, clothes ready for tomorrow.

:: hummus, puffy pitas, beet salad, slow roasted chicken, and a m&m cookie for dessert.

:: a cup of tea with half and half instead of milk, a candle in the darkness, new art on the walls, a handmade quilt keeping me warm.


hope you are enjoying the start of your week.